Toffee Vodka

Wow! I didn't think that this would work...

A friend of ours loves to try different cocktails. Toffee vodka is an ingredient for several and I asked him how it was made. 'In the dishwasher' was the reply. Eh? Once home, I had to try the recipe and I can tell you - it works! And it is delicious! If you have a sweet tooth and like creamy boozy drinks, this one is for you. Be warned - it is lethal! Cheers!

Take 3 packets of Werther's Original Butter Candies and crush in a food processor. Add to 75cl of vodka and pour mixture into a bottle (I used two bottles). Replace the cap on the bottle and wrap in cling film to prevent any leaks. Place upright in your dishwasher and run it through the next cycle you use, on a hot wash (you can do it twice to melt the toffee but shouldn't need to). Shake well and put in the freezer overnight. Ready to drink next day. Keep in the freezer, the alcohol won't freeze and you have a lovely cold shot or serve with crushed ice or whatever cocktail creation you care to come up with.


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