Caroline's Recipes

Welcome to my recipe page! This is the place where I will share some of my favourite recipes and cooking tips. I've always enjoyed cooking and baking and this subject was one of the few exams I successfully gained at school. I will be forever grateful to my domestic science teacher, Miss Foulks, who drummed the basics into me and gave me a love of all things food related. I am also grateful to my lovely Mum, who was a brilliant cake-maker and cook and ensured that in our childhood, my sisters and I ate delicious meals with fresh garden produce from my Dad's vegetable patch.

Making Marmalade

Making marmalade is really easy and there is nothing nicer than a thick slice of crusty bread, spread with butter, and a layer of your very own tasty marmalade.

Why not have a go at making your own? Seville oranges are ideal but you can use any citrus fruit and add flavourings of your own to create a unique and delicious preserve.

Have fun xx


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