Caroline writes articles that feature celebrity interviews, here are links to recent articles...


"Writing is an incurable disease..."


Caroline James talks to Prue Leith, CBE

"Women Swoon At The Flick of His Wrist..."



Caroline James interviews 'World's Sexiest Chef' - Jean Christophe Novelli. 




Following Floyd's Footsteps by Caroline James


Caroline travels to Kinsale in Southern Ireland to discover why the TV Chef Keith Floyd fell in love with the town and made his home there in the 1990's



My Belly Button Buried In Barbados


Caroline James interviews Rosemary Parkinson, author of Barbados B'un B'un - World Cookery Book of the Year 2015 (Gourmand Cook Book Awards)


Backstage at the Great British Bake Off!



Caroline James interviews Dorret Conway - series contestant 2015


Can we eat ourselves happier?



Caroline James asks if we really are what we eat?



The Doyenne of the Cookery World ~ Marguerite Patten 1915 - 2015

Caroline James remembers Marguerite Patten, a cookery legend.

Celebrity Chef Michael Moore

"The Savoy or Your Girlfriend…"


Continuing her series of celebrity chef interviews, Caroline James talks to Michael Moore about what influenced him to succeed as a chef, work experience abroad and his love of Barbados




Death by Chocolate...


Does a bar a day keep the doctor away? Your hunk or a chunk? Caroline James talks all things chocolate including her favourite chocolate cake recipe.





"From Dinner Lady to Dream Job"


Caroline James talks to chef, author and weight loss guru, Justine Forrest




"Who Ate All The Pies..."


Caroline James talks to award winning food journalist and writer Andrew Webb, Author of The Men’s Pie Manual

Women of a certain age...


BBC radio presenters and Radio Academy Bronze Award Winners, Livvy and Chrissie, talk to Caroline James about dishy chefs, romance, women of a certain age, famous interviews and radio awards…

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